The Play House

This historic playhouse was built by the original owners of our home for their children.  We were told that they collected all the river rocks while traveling around the state.  This playhouse has electricity, gutters and downspouts, working windows, a turned post banister, and a real stone fireplace.  It was featured in a preservation magazine shortly after we moved in.  During our renovation, we found disintegrating newspaper stuffed in the roof as insulation.  It dates the playhouse around 1930.

Sadly, it had been neglected throughout the years.  When we moved in, it was unsafe for our children to play in.  It had pealing (most likely) lead-based paint everywhere, the door was kicked in, panelling was missing, someone had graffitied the inside, the wiring was cloth-wrapped and fraying, mice and bees had taken up residence, every window was broken, and there were tuck-pointing needs galore.  That’s actually a bucket of motor oil next to the fireplace.

We fixed the windows, replaced the walls and ceiling in the downstairs, painted the trim and inside, got the tuck-pointing done, replaced the electrical, replaced the roof/gutters/downspouts, and evicted the mice and yellow jackets.  (They were lousy renters… never made their payments on time.)  We also had our electrician add sconces to the fireplace and an outlet to the firebox so that we could insert an electric fireplace heater to take the chill off in the winter.  We also installed light fixtures to replace the bare bulbs.  Now it’s a safe and happy place for our children to play.

We’re really happy this project is finished and the children can now play in it.  I mean, what good is a totally awesome, historical, playhouse-of-all-playhouses if you can’t even play in it?  Since the renovation, the girls have had a lot of fun decorating it for Christmas, utilizing it for parties, and planting flowers in the surrounding beds.  Charlie and his friends tend to use it more like a fort… with costumes and all.  It’s been a lot fun watching our children and their friends enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed.

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