About Us

We are a Catholic homeschooling family with three children and two dogs.  Our oldest child is biological.  Our second two are adopted.  We are eternally grateful for the miraculous presence of each of them in our lives.

Our dogs are rescues through Canine Companion.  Ty (the boxer) is now a trained therapy dog.  He loves to help children read at the library and was recently featured on the front page of our local newspaper for his work.  Emma (the miniature labradoodle) is an agility dog who, in equal parts, both amazes and amuses us.  We hope to one day train her to do therapy work as well.

Matt is an attorney by day, a writer by night, and continually striving to maintain balance with work, home life, prayer, and exercise.  He also dabbles in DIY projects and gourmet Mexican cooking.

Emily is a teacher and homeschooling mom.  Besides teaching, she enjoys reading, writing, sewing, crafting, organizing, dog training, and going on family walks.  In her spare time she also manages Canine Companion’s website.

Our house is a fixer-upper and, although we’re not terribly handy people, little by little, we’re striving to make it into a safe and happy place for our family.

It is with love and honor that we strive to do all things through God who strengthens us.

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