Oh, the reason all these old posts are now published on 7/2//2017 is that I just discovered them (all of them drafted by E) and thought they were worth sharing.  Sorry for any confusion… M really is taking over, but M is not terribly tech-savvy and also really doesn’t like draft posts hanging around the blog.   I’ll figure out how to make it right when I get the chance righting a lot of other things in life and home, but frankly, it’s not really a high priority of mine. So, just read, try not to be too confused, and forgive any “blogging foul” I just committed…

Note well, all of these posts are years old. EM has not had an accident on her bike recently that I know of and is actually getting around our part of the town quite well on it.  She also does not make costumes or play dress up with her little brother so much anymore, being a high schooler.




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