Stuff and Nonesense

We apologize for the delay, but things have been busy.

The recent thunder showers finally lifted the burn ban.  4th of July fireworks will be this Friday, August 3rd.  The grass is growing.  The garden is growing.  And our water bill can finally stop growing!

The children have been taking swimming lessons.  (when there haven’t been thunderstorms).  We’ll have to post some photos… or video…. Rose and Charlie turn into chickens of the pool, complete with squawking and flapping.  And, at this pool, which is at someone’s house, there are actually live chickens wandering around the pool area.  It’s quite unexpected.  Clearly, there is some kind of subliminal chicken influence going on.

Here’s Charlie.  He tells visitors his name is Charlie, but they can call him Charles for short.  To a little girl at swimming class he announced, “Hi!  I’m Charlie, but most people call me Crazy Chunky!” while whirling around with a flourish.

Our friend, electrician, and general handyman, Tim, stopped by and knocked out that rascally baseboard radiator for us.  Matt merely asked him what tool he might recommend and he stopped by and cut that bad boy right out.  He said it was easy and would only take a minute with his reciprocating saw.  It was amazing!  And it did only take a minute.  Now, why didn’t we think of that?  Clearly, we need a reciprocating saw.  Just think of all the things we can do with one of those.  There are only several more rooms around here with defunct radiators.  Hmm….

One of our neighbors, who, for the record, considers herself an agnostic, drew the most amazingly detailed picture of our church and gave it to us.  We’re talking individual bricks, minute shadowing, leaves, the works.  We are all in awe.  We–all of us–frequently stop and stare lovingly at her work, grateful to own such a masterpiece.  One of the most interesting details is that, from her perspective, a large pine tree blocks the view of the front doors.  In real life, there is a pine tree on either side of the church, but they do not block the view of the doors, which are quite prominent.  Her placement of the tree in front of the doors seems symbolic to us of her own obstacles to entering the Church.

For perspective, here’s a photo of our church:

She could use some prayers as she was recently in a horrible, life-threatening motorcycle accident and air lifted to the hospital in the next town over.  She is home and doing better, but missing teeth and prone to headaches and dizziness.  The gift of this drawing was her way of thanking us for a meal and flowers we brought over after the accident.  Whenever we look at her drawing, it reminds us of her and her thoughtfulness and generosity.  And we pray for her and her family.

In other news, the circus is coming to town.  Seriously.  They are coming to our very small, we-never-heard-of-this-place-before-we-moved-here town.  What are the odds?  The elephants even put up the tents.  Or so we’re told.  We’re not yet sure if we’ll be going, but it’s the biggest news around here since the 4-H fair.  Whoopee!

And that’s all for now.  What about you?  What have you been up to lately?  Any home improvement projects?  Swimming lessons?  Getting ready for school?  Have you experienced a drought and relieving rain this summer too?  Anyone else experiencing a belated 4th of July or circus coming to town?

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