Musical Rooms, Peace, and DIY Built-Ins

So we’re changing things up around here, making a big mess, and beginning a DIY project or two while we’re at it.

This rearrangement is a little confusing, affects four rooms, and will be completed in stages.  We moved to Elizabeth’s room, all the children (including Elizabeth) moved in to our room, and Rose and Charlie’s old room will get some much-needed TLC with paint and maybe a floor refinishing.  Eventually, we plan to move into Rose and Charlie’s old room, fix up the room we’re in now, and then make it into the new and improved guest room.  It has larger (for us) his and hers closets and a built-in bookshelf.  The fourth room affected is a very large room on the main floor.  It is currently the classroom/guest room/office.  We’ve decided to bring all (or most of) the bookshelves to this room, move the guest room upstairs, and attempt to build a wall-length bookshelf.  As we only have overnight guests a few nights out of the year, the children wanted to room together, and we needed a more functional and organized classroom, it made sense to switch things up.  Plus, after five years of living in this house, we needed some new perspective.  And what better way to do that than by playing musical rooms, no?  It’s free, naturally decluttering, and you wake up to a completely different view.  Win-win-win.

We gave our room to the children because it is larger and has three separate closets–one for each of them!  Elizabeth’s bed fits neatly in an alcove and the gigantic bunk bed finally has a wall where it’s not blocking a window.  The children are head-over-heels excited!  We’re excited too because the space is much better for family night prayers and reading stories.  Plus, due to their excitement, they are being so kind to each other.  I hear their sweet tones and keep thinking they have a friend over.  Nope.  They’re just being sweet amongst themselves.  See?  New perspective.  Priceless.

Here are some progress photos.  We’re sorry we didn’t think to get before photos, but our creative juices just cannot be planned.  When the rearranging bug hits, we go with it.

We had a ton of fun and made a glorious mess of our house.  So to keep some semblance of order, while Matthew and the children jumped on their heads on the beds worked, I made dinner.  It would have been easy to get a pizza, but instead, I used what we had, made a healthier dinner, and kept to our zero dollar budget.  Sweet.

It was all I could do to stay downstairs and cook while they were having all that fun upstairs, but I did run upstairs several times to check on them while the food was in the oven.  The dogs were riled up by all the chaos.  They kept running up and down the stairs with me, barking and adding to the commotion.  Actually, in retrospect, it was chaotic and a little overwhelming.  I’m glad I got to cook.

Well, I wish I could say we’re done and ready to show after pictures, but this ain’t no HGTV.  It may take a while.  In the meantime, we can give you a progress photo or two.

We weren’t sure why this room felt so ‘7o’s to us, but perhaps it has something to do with our hand-me-down solid wood bunk bed from the ’70’s, the garage-sale-find Jenny Lind table and chairs, and the shag rug.  It’s a work in progress, but at least it isn’t still looking like our classroom:


Do you see why we’re building a bookshelf?  (And did I mention we’re not handy people?)  We’re currently trying to remove this defunct baseboard radiator:

Yeah, it’s pretty much taken us all afternoon, several trips to the hardware store and Walmart, and is currently beating us.  But we shall conquer it in the end!  And then we can get started on that glorious bookshelf.  We’ll keep you posted.





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