What Do You Do for Fun Around Here?

Well, for starters, we enjoy training our dogs.  As you may know, Ty is a therapy dog, and regularly can be spotted at the library helping children read.  He’s trained to go to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, or anywhere he’s needed.  Emily trained him a couple of years ago and they work together as a team.  He enjoyed celebrity status on the front page of our local paper this past April.  Not bad for a dog who was going to be put down because he wasn’t wanted anymore!

Emma (our mini labradoodle) was also rescued.  She came from an Amish puppy mill.  Sadly, she was going to be shot because nobody wanted a labradoodle who turned out more like the lab than the poodle.  She is a good agility dog, and will one day make an awesome therapy dog as well.  She enjoys solving problems and does everything asked of her–even super scary heights and getting on a teeter that drops under her weight.

We have a short clip of her doing a mini course with Emily last night to share.  She’s sort of funny about it with her initial reluctance to go in the tunnel and her stopping part way through the weaves.  She typically gets clicks and treats throughout the course, and she stopped to say, “I get treats back there, and I also get one right here.”

(We apologize if the YouTube player skips and does a deja vu in the beginning.  We’re not sure why that is or how to fix it.  Just scroll it back and try again.)


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