Earth to Starbase Indiana


Our girls, Elizabeth and Rose, attended Starbase Indiana last week.  It’s a free program put on by the Department of Defense for elementary students at our friendly local National Guard base.  Last week was for homeschool students.  The girls learned to use GPS, used maps, designed flight protection for eggs, launched rockets, and generally did a ton of math and physics.  They are now so excited about science that Elizabeth wants to be a scientist fire fighter one day.  (Say what?)  Fire fighters need science too, you know.


Rose still wants to be a doctor.  In fairness to Elizabeth, they did have some awesome demonstrations by the base fire crew.


This (left) is what they used to design an egg-safety flight. Some children used rubber bands to make a “seatbelt” for their egg. (They were not girls.)  The picture on the right shows a wind machine behind the girls.


They also designed plastic space modules on a computer and used a 3D printer to “print” them out.  Welcome to Back to the Future!


The red module held by Rose (left) and the black and white plastic circle with the ball bearings (right) are some of things the 3D printer “printed”.  The children each made a mini space module and wore them on their lanyards.

This group of 30 children was comprised of only six girls, of which we provided two.  Our girls were on the Jupiter team, made up of four girls.  Their team came in first place for the whole week!  They took home science-inspired vortex trophies.  The best part was they honestly believed they had been in last place.  The looks on their faces: priceless.

Our girls could not stop talking about Starbase Indiana for days.  We are very grateful for this opportunity for them, and proud of their accomplishments!  Thank you to all who worked so hard to make last week possible.  God bless you every one.

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