How to Become a Millionaire in 47 Easy Steps: Coupons

Step #1: Couponing

Though we are admittedly the opposite of millionaires and not yet “super shoppers”, we are determined to live like no one else.  Yes… well, according to Dave Ramsey, that’s the key to becoming the nouveau riche: live like no one else.

The way Matthew figures it, if we pretend to be Trojans gearing up for battle with our coupon binder like no one else, we’ll get rich twice as quick.  Obviously….

As hopeless overachievers, we took Charlie and went to CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Aldi, and Walmart in one afternoon.  (Aldi is the best deal in town for those things for which you do not have a coupon and are not on sale.)  Charlie is a very serious couponer and lends a lot of street cred to our act.  He throws around words like “catalina machine” (the special machine that prints out the coupons you get with your receipt) and believes everything can (& should) be purchased with coupons.  He knows his way around the CVS Magic Coupon Machine and has a keen eye for store coupon dispensers.  Sometimes saving all that money can make him a little hyper, but he does his best to keep it together considering the pressure he’s under.


We shopped the sales and matched them with coupons, sometimes stacking a manufacturers coupon with an in-store coupon, and always trying to take advantage of the Register Rewards (Walgreens) or Extra Bucks (CVS).  Along the way, we collected other coupons for next time.  Our total today was $79 for $155 worth of goods.  We saved $76 and totally stocked up on household essentials and groceries!!

The Krazy Coupon Lady is our inspiration.  Watch her on The Today Show  She always posts the most awesome–and often free–deals on her website:

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

We have started using a coupon binder like hers, which makes it that much easier at the store.  We organize our coupons with baseball card protector pages.  We found the pages at Staples (with an online 50% off coupon), added them to a binder we already had on hand, and then subscribed to our local Sunday paper (we found an online promo code).  Saving just $2/week in coupons pays for our subsciption… plus we get the news, recipes, and the comics (good for reading and wrapping gifts).  The paper will also be great for our organic lasagna garden, mailing packages, doing messy art projects, and washing windows (lint-free and cheaper than paper towels).

How about you?  What are your experiences with couponing? Do you dread the thought… or do you love a good challenge, like us?

2 thoughts on “How to Become a Millionaire in 47 Easy Steps: Coupons

  1. LOL! We have given up coupons. In fact we are buying more expensive stuff lately. The way we figure it if fruits and veggies are getting to be so expensive I might as well buy local and organic. I now get my eggs from a friend for $2.50 a dozen but they are fed a special organic feed and they are very fresh. Her young boys do much of the work so its nice to support them in their business. We also just bought half a cow. Nothing like knowing where your meat comes from and that it was safely handled. It has the added advantage that it is all packaged in our family meal sized packages. I love having 1 1/2 lbs packs of hamburger. Over all we are trying to buy less of the type of stuff that there are coupons for.

    • Those are good points, Heather. I think you’re right that there are a ton of junk coupons for those who want to eat healthier. I do, however, sometimes run across great healthy deals. Just last week, with an online coupon from Earthbound Farms (, Walmart offered organic carrots for $.38 each if you bought two. If you wanted to find coupons for organic options, you could skim the deals posted on under “Find My Store” and take advantage of the deals on stuff you actually use. OR… just coupon for non-food stuff like TP, meds, and toothpaste. A markdown plus a coupon often makes that stuff free!! And who couldn’t use more free in life, am I right?

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