The sky is dark and gray in morning.

It rumbles and flashes to start our day.

Crystal drops, clear and clean

Fall fast and heavy on the stubbly parched brown earth.

It fills the plants with life, and us with hope.

Finally, finally, it is wet and cool.

The rain comes down loud and fast.

The sky is filled with lightening flash.

The air it rumbles, tumbles, growls.

Finally, finally, we see some green.

Finally, finally, we feel relief.

It’s too little, too late.

The corn has tasseled; July 4th has passed.

The farmers and fireworks vendors are sad.

And so are we.

But there is relief.

Thank You, God, for the rain.



Musical Rooms, Peace, and DIY Built-Ins

So we’re changing things up around here, making a big mess, and beginning a DIY project or two while we’re at it.

This rearrangement is a little confusing, affects four rooms, and will be completed in stages.  We moved to Elizabeth’s room, all the children (including Elizabeth) moved in to our room, and Rose and Charlie’s old room will get some much-needed TLC with paint and maybe a floor refinishing.  Eventually, we plan to move into Rose and Charlie’s old room, fix up the room we’re in now, and then make it into the new and improved guest room.  It has larger (for us) his and hers closets and a built-in bookshelf.  The fourth room affected is a very large room on the main floor.  It is currently the classroom/guest room/office.  We’ve decided to bring all (or most of) the bookshelves to this room, move the guest room upstairs, and attempt to build a wall-length bookshelf.  As we only have overnight guests a few nights out of the year, the children wanted to room together, and we needed a more functional and organized classroom, it made sense to switch things up.  Plus, after five years of living in this house, we needed some new perspective.  And what better way to do that than by playing musical rooms, no?  It’s free, naturally decluttering, and you wake up to a completely different view.  Win-win-win.

We gave our room to the children because it is larger and has three separate closets–one for each of them!  Elizabeth’s bed fits neatly in an alcove and the gigantic bunk bed finally has a wall where it’s not blocking a window.  The children are head-over-heels excited!  We’re excited too because the space is much better for family night prayers and reading stories.  Plus, due to their excitement, they are being so kind to each other.  I hear their sweet tones and keep thinking they have a friend over.  Nope.  They’re just being sweet amongst themselves.  See?  New perspective.  Priceless.

Here are some progress photos.  We’re sorry we didn’t think to get before photos, but our creative juices just cannot be planned.  When the rearranging bug hits, we go with it.

We had a ton of fun and made a glorious mess of our house.  So to keep some semblance of order, while Matthew and the children jumped on their heads on the beds worked, I made dinner.  It would have been easy to get a pizza, but instead, I used what we had, made a healthier dinner, and kept to our zero dollar budget.  Sweet.

It was all I could do to stay downstairs and cook while they were having all that fun upstairs, but I did run upstairs several times to check on them while the food was in the oven.  The dogs were riled up by all the chaos.  They kept running up and down the stairs with me, barking and adding to the commotion.  Actually, in retrospect, it was chaotic and a little overwhelming.  I’m glad I got to cook.

Well, I wish I could say we’re done and ready to show after pictures, but this ain’t no HGTV.  It may take a while.  In the meantime, we can give you a progress photo or two.

We weren’t sure why this room felt so ‘7o’s to us, but perhaps it has something to do with our hand-me-down solid wood bunk bed from the ’70’s, the garage-sale-find Jenny Lind table and chairs, and the shag rug.  It’s a work in progress, but at least it isn’t still looking like our classroom:


Do you see why we’re building a bookshelf?  (And did I mention we’re not handy people?)  We’re currently trying to remove this defunct baseboard radiator:

Yeah, it’s pretty much taken us all afternoon, several trips to the hardware store and Walmart, and is currently beating us.  But we shall conquer it in the end!  And then we can get started on that glorious bookshelf.  We’ll keep you posted.





What Do You Do for Fun Around Here?

Well, for starters, we enjoy training our dogs.  As you may know, Ty is a therapy dog, and regularly can be spotted at the library helping children read.  He’s trained to go to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, or anywhere he’s needed.  Emily trained him a couple of years ago and they work together as a team.  He enjoyed celebrity status on the front page of our local paper this past April.  Not bad for a dog who was going to be put down because he wasn’t wanted anymore!

Emma (our mini labradoodle) was also rescued.  She came from an Amish puppy mill.  Sadly, she was going to be shot because nobody wanted a labradoodle who turned out more like the lab than the poodle.  She is a good agility dog, and will one day make an awesome therapy dog as well.  She enjoys solving problems and does everything asked of her–even super scary heights and getting on a teeter that drops under her weight.

We have a short clip of her doing a mini course with Emily last night to share.  She’s sort of funny about it with her initial reluctance to go in the tunnel and her stopping part way through the weaves.  She typically gets clicks and treats throughout the course, and she stopped to say, “I get treats back there, and I also get one right here.”

(We apologize if the YouTube player skips and does a deja vu in the beginning.  We’re not sure why that is or how to fix it.  Just scroll it back and try again.)


“For the Blog”



The children created this costume all by themselves, took pictures, and presented it to me for the blog.  It was totally their idea.  We had nothing to do with it.



Point of proof: It is not our style to outfit our children with Clorox container oxygen tanks.  Particularly ones that are really attached, via a tube, to the mouth and nose.  No sir.  Not for us.

They also took pictures of Emma (our mini labradoodle) jumping for your amusement.  These pictures do not do her justice.  Emma is famous around these here parts for leaping over a 4 ft. door or wall without even touching it… or, you know, jumping onto a counter from a stand-still.  Yeah,… she’s pretty much part-feline.


You gotta give the children credit for coming up with this all on their own.  Except for the Clorox bottle oxygen tank idea, it was pretty clever, no?

Earth to Starbase Indiana


Our girls, Elizabeth and Rose, attended Starbase Indiana last week.  It’s a free program put on by the Department of Defense for elementary students at our friendly local National Guard base.  Last week was for homeschool students.  The girls learned to use GPS, used maps, designed flight protection for eggs, launched rockets, and generally did a ton of math and physics.  They are now so excited about science that Elizabeth wants to be a scientist fire fighter one day.  (Say what?)  Fire fighters need science too, you know.


Rose still wants to be a doctor.  In fairness to Elizabeth, they did have some awesome demonstrations by the base fire crew.


This (left) is what they used to design an egg-safety flight. Some children used rubber bands to make a “seatbelt” for their egg. (They were not girls.)  The picture on the right shows a wind machine behind the girls.


They also designed plastic space modules on a computer and used a 3D printer to “print” them out.  Welcome to Back to the Future!


The red module held by Rose (left) and the black and white plastic circle with the ball bearings (right) are some of things the 3D printer “printed”.  The children each made a mini space module and wore them on their lanyards.

This group of 30 children was comprised of only six girls, of which we provided two.  Our girls were on the Jupiter team, made up of four girls.  Their team came in first place for the whole week!  They took home science-inspired vortex trophies.  The best part was they honestly believed they had been in last place.  The looks on their faces: priceless.

Our girls could not stop talking about Starbase Indiana for days.  We are very grateful for this opportunity for them, and proud of their accomplishments!  Thank you to all who worked so hard to make last week possible.  God bless you every one.

How to Become a Millionaire in 47 Easy Steps: Coupons

Step #1: Couponing

Though we are admittedly the opposite of millionaires and not yet “super shoppers”, we are determined to live like no one else.  Yes… well, according to Dave Ramsey, that’s the key to becoming the nouveau riche: live like no one else.

The way Matthew figures it, if we pretend to be Trojans gearing up for battle with our coupon binder like no one else, we’ll get rich twice as quick.  Obviously….

As hopeless overachievers, we took Charlie and went to CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Aldi, and Walmart in one afternoon.  (Aldi is the best deal in town for those things for which you do not have a coupon and are not on sale.)  Charlie is a very serious couponer and lends a lot of street cred to our act.  He throws around words like “catalina machine” (the special machine that prints out the coupons you get with your receipt) and believes everything can (& should) be purchased with coupons.  He knows his way around the CVS Magic Coupon Machine and has a keen eye for store coupon dispensers.  Sometimes saving all that money can make him a little hyper, but he does his best to keep it together considering the pressure he’s under.


We shopped the sales and matched them with coupons, sometimes stacking a manufacturers coupon with an in-store coupon, and always trying to take advantage of the Register Rewards (Walgreens) or Extra Bucks (CVS).  Along the way, we collected other coupons for next time.  Our total today was $79 for $155 worth of goods.  We saved $76 and totally stocked up on household essentials and groceries!!

The Krazy Coupon Lady is our inspiration.  Watch her on The Today Show  She always posts the most awesome–and often free–deals on her website:  http://thekrazycouponlady.com/

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

We have started using a coupon binder like hers, which makes it that much easier at the store.  We organize our coupons with baseball card protector pages.  We found the pages at Staples (with an online 50% off coupon), added them to a binder we already had on hand, and then subscribed to our local Sunday paper (we found an online promo code).  Saving just $2/week in coupons pays for our subsciption… plus we get the news, recipes, and the comics (good for reading and wrapping gifts).  The paper will also be great for our organic lasagna garden, mailing packages, doing messy art projects, and washing windows (lint-free and cheaper than paper towels).

How about you?  What are your experiences with couponing? Do you dread the thought… or do you love a good challenge, like us?